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Careers are full of peaks and valleys. My own career path was not linear in any sense of the word. When I graduated from college, I had no idea what I wanted to do for work. I left school to become a fly fishing guide for a year before entering my first job. No regrets there, it was an incredible experience.


What took me away from that was the one thing I knew about myself...I wanted to work in a helping capacity of some kind. I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to immerse myself in work that felt significant, work that had a positive impact on others. 


That took me into the world of education and mental health where I received a masters degree in education with a self-design focus in adventure learning. For 15+ years, I supported youth in various capacities within the public school system, for mental health agencies, nonprofits, and at a small Vermont private school. Finishing out my time as a Program Manager in this field, I discovered my passion for helping others on their career paths while in a role as a hiring manager. From there, Summit Career Services was born out of an innate desire to inspire others to find and navigate a rewarding career. Utilizing lessons from my own experiences and adding the most recent industry training, my goal is to help you find your true path and stay on it. Additional information and qualifications are below.


"It's not what you are that holds you back, it's what you think you are not."                            - Denis Waitley



Anticipating completion of this certification in 9/2020

Completed exam to achieve certification in 4/2019

Completed course with the PARW/CC in 8/2019

Completed course with Career Thought Leaders in 2018

Completed course with the Resume Writing Academy in 2018

Completed course with GS Consultants for MTBI certification in 6/2018 


recent professional development

Two-day CliftonStrengths training

(formerly StrengthsFinder). My top 5:

Futuristic | Significance | Empathy 

Individualization | Relator

2019 international conference for resume writing and career coaching professionals hosted by the Professional Association of Resume Writers and Career Coaches (PARW/CC) 

memberships& AFFILIATIONS


National Career Development Association 



B.S. in Political Science 

Saint Michae's College

Colchester, VT

M.Ed. in Education 

Plymouth State University

Plymouth, NH



I had the pleasure of recording this video about the Career Education Office at Saint Michael's College.



"I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tim both personally and professionally for upwards of 20 years. Tim is incredibly well skilled at what he does; able to think strategically and execute on the needs of his clients. On multiple occasions I’ve turned to Tim for professional advice in regards to everything from strategically honing a job search to assistance with my resume. His ability to quickly comprehend the role I was searching for and put that into words in the form of both an outstanding resume as well as LinkedIn profile updates was amazing. A few years ago he helped me make a career pivot which required a personal rebrand; going above and beyond to get the job done in an impressive manner. More recently , he helped me land my current role very quickly with some outside the box thinking which helped me craft a resume I was proud to share during a very competitive job search. I will continue to turn to Tim enthusiastically in the future for career advice and guidance - and am excited for those that will get to work with him in the future."   -Matt Byrne, Director of Sales & Operations at ALICE

"With his expertise, Tim helped me craft the perfect résumé and cover letter. And anytime I had a question, he responded promptly with invaluable advice."

                                                                      - Katie Yawney User Interface Engineer at

"Thank you for all the tips you gave me and for the help on my resume and cover letter. I feel as though your advice and guidance helped me get this internship and will likely help me navigate the process of finding jobs past college."   - College Student

"I want to tell you that I really appreciated our meetings and the level of focus that you afforded my job applications and career interests. It was very helpful, and I can't thank you enough." 

                                                                         - Recent Graduate


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